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[[Category:Murder Mystery]]
[[Category:Murder Mystery]]

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  • P1, P2, P3: Police
  • DM: dead man (unnamed at the moment)
  • L: human (unnamed at the moment)
  • K: killer (unnamed*)
  • A1: Agent 1

Chapter 1: W_H_O??

P1 Ok, so what evidence do we have? P2 This piece of paper. P3 How is that supposed to help us? P2 Try reading it.
Akureyri, Iceland 15:42
K~Are the police trying to find us? A1 No, not at the moment K~Good.
Fremont, California 9:50 PM PST
L~Turns on TV
News~There has been a shooting in Los Angeles today, 1 dead. The police have not yet identified the killer.
House~Loud knocking at door
L~Who is banging on the door?

Chapter 2: Knock at the door

Live soon
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